MP3 Players – Past, Present and Future

What is the MP3 format?

MP3 is a format which reduces the size of music files to roughly 1 tenth of a normal CD file; its does this primarily by cutting out frequencies the human ear cannot hear. The sound quality suffers when such a compression in file size is made, but many listeners think this is a worthwhile cost to pay to have greater accessibility to their music collection. The MP3 format was made popular on the internet since the small size of its files made downloading tunes easier.

MP3 Players

The first MP3 player, the MPMan F10, was created by South Korean company SaeHan Information Systems in 1997 and could hold 32 Meg (about ¾ of a CD). This has vastly improved over the years as MP3’s popularity increased. Mp3 players are now firmly in the mainstream with landmark products such as the iPod, and Mp3 players on the market today are capable of holding 160 gigabytes, holding literally hundreds of albums and videos.

As a result of so much music on your Mp3 player, finding a tune can be problematic, so programmes and techniques have sprung up to help you listen to the music you love. Many people use iTunes or a media library tool such as mediamonkey to organise their tracks into play-lists. Also you can “tag” you music so if you are looking for certain genres, such as rock, jazz or classical, you can quickly and easily browse through the appropriate tunes. Tags are limited only by your imagination; some people label their music by concepts such as emotion, colour or location.

A problem with so many Mp3s may be they play at varying volumes due to coming from lots of different sources, causing you to change the volume continuously whilst listening to your tunes; for this online tools such as will help normalise (make same volume) your music collection.

Putting MP3’s on your player

If you’re looking for new MP3’s there are lots of sites around that will help you find your next favourite tune; the classic has reviews and options for you to buy; the new site is a great tool to search, download and listen to MP3s on the web. is also a great place to search for new music you like by typing in your favourite artists and browsing through tunes it thinks are similar.

You can also convert your old records and CDs to MP3’s so you can listen to them on the move, there are various tools available for this including the entirely online resource at Media-Convert.

MP3 Player Accessories

It’s worth upgrading your headphones when you buy an MP3 Player; the ones packaged with most players are of poor quality. It’s also worth buying or considering batteries when selecting your Mp3 player; some manage a pitiful 8 hours but with large capacity, whilst others could last 20 hours plus; perfect for travellers.

Companies have started thinking of ideas of using MP3 players other than a traditional player; MP3 players are now appearing in washing machines and guitar shaped toys to help shape your air guitar fantasies, also more integration with mobile phones and personal organisers such as the hotly tipped iPhone.

Have Mp3s Changed How we Listen to Music?

We now as a consumer of music have more access to different music than we have ever had before; almost anyone can make music and upload it for the world to listen to. As such we have exposure to a lot more new music these days if desired; before the internet and Mp3s the only way this would have been through the radio. Listening habits have changed; less people now listen to albums in sequence; “random” play-lists exist scanning through the entire music library and “tags” exist for your tunes which help play all those tracks in your collection that are in a particular style.

As such the focus of selling tunes has moved more to buying individual tracks rather than buying albums. Even the process of buying albums has changed; across the country CD shops are closing down as more and more people buy their music online. iTunes passed its 3 billionth download in the summer of 2007 and the rate of downloads is increasing.

More people these days listen to music of less quality; the music industry peaked at the advent of CDs in reaching the limit of human perception; CDs essentially cannot be improved upon. Paradoxically, the growth area of music formats now are those which are actually inferior to the formats of the past; although only Hi-Fi freaks with expensive gear may be the only ones able to tell the difference between a high bit-rate MP3 and a CD track.

The Future?

At the moment mp3 players are moving to flash drives rather than hard drives to store their information, this promises smaller, faster and quieter operation for future Mp3 players. Looking further ahead, Mp3 players may eventually merge and become more integrated with all media so that one device will play your music, your video, be a digital camera and enable internet surfing on the move. The music quality should increase until it re approaches that of CDs. Voice recognition software should make it easier to interface with your music, with Bluetooth facilities meaning you’ll be able to interface with your PC and other users quickly; there is talk of a peer-to-peer network appearing using just the players themselves connected wirelessly. Batteries may become a thing of the past as power consumption decreases and solar power is all that’s needed to keep you with music all the time.

How to Select the Best MP3 Player

Mp3 players are the most portable and easy-to-use device to play music. This latest evolution in music technology takes the place of all the other musical formats including records, cassettes, CDs and become the most worldwide popular device to play music at the present time. Many of the youngsters today cannot live without one. Because of this prospering popularity of MP3 players, there are varieties of MP3 players available in the market. Numerous companies are extremely attempt to debut newer and better media players. They offer excellent quality products and services at the lowest prices online and offline.

When you look for a new MP3 player, it’s important to realize that there are a variety of features and an even larger number of retailers in the market. Mp3 players also come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. It is a good idea to do some comparative pricing and search for product information before making a decision.

Below are some of the factors to consider that will help you get the best MP3 Player.

– Perhaps the biggest consideration is memory. The types of MP3 Players basically depend upon the capacity of your Player. Some of the types of mp3 players are flash memory mp3 Players, micro-drive mp3 players, hard drive mp3 players and mp3 CD players.

The proper size will be determined by how many songs you’d like to carry at one time. An average mp3 file is about 2.5MB in size then a 1Gig player can hold 40. Top-quality MP3 players are available with hard drives in the 20-60 GB range. The MP3 players can also be used as a data storage device for all types of computer files.

Size of the memory has the largest impact on price. So the size of memory which you purchase is according to your usability and budget.

– Be sure to get the features that you need. When you are searching for a new MP3 player, there are several key of features which need consideration. As you checking out an MP3 player, hold it and play with the buttons. Here are a few feature options for MP3 players include.

– Display screen size & functions
– FM radio receiver
– Built-in microphones
– Recording FM radio
– Displaying the song title and artist
– Flash Video Games
– LCD Touch Screen Many people always take an interest in a pretty design of mp3 players.

There’s nothing wrong with that. However, the utility is principal for choosing the proper mp3 player.

– Look at accessories. It is not matter what kind of the latest accessory a person has. Mp3 player accessories are meant to enhance your musical experience. When you are purchasing a new accessory, you must be sure that it is compatible with your mp3 player. Not all mp3 player accessories will work with the other brand. Some brand has done a great marketing service by making a line of accessories just for their brand of players.

The best place to buy cheap mp3 players is an online store with discounts. By reading online customer reviews, comparing prices and model specifications, you will be able to select the best MP3 player easily.

MP3 Players – How to Select the Best Model

As you go about searching for a new MP3 player, there are several key features which need consideration. MP3 players come in a variety of memory storage capacities. The best option is to buy one with as much memory as possible.

As an example: one minute of MP3 music is equal to 1 MB of storage. So 128 MB of storage is equal to approximately 2 hours of music. The more memory the MP3 player has, the more music it can store for many hours of listening pleasure. Video storage is based on the length of a video, this can be determined by the total MBs of the video.

Make sure the MP3 player is compatible with the computer it will be connected to for downloads. For example, some models will not work with a Macintosh computer.

Purchase a MP3 player which has a FireWire or USB connection for the computer. Do not select an MP3 player with a parallel connection, because the transfer speed is way too slow.

As the search continues and a couple of options have been selected. Visit a store and check out the choices. Although MP3 players play music and videos, no two models are equal in capabilities or design.

Selecting the Best MP3 Player

When checking out an MP3 player, hold it and play with the buttons. Here are a few additional things to look for in a MP3 player:

As the controls are played with, how do they feel?
What is the size of the screen for videos?
Are the controls easy to use?
How does the weight feel?
Does it come with a convenient and easy to use strap?
What is the estimated life of the battery (short battery life equals little use and disappointment)?
Can the battery be charged through a computer or does it need to be plugged into an electrical outlet?
What other features does the MP3 player have?

Other feature options for MP3 players include:

FM radio receiver
Recording FM radio
Displaying the song title and artist
Alarm clock
Flash Video Games
LCD Touch Screen

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Cowon MP3 Players – A Trusted Name, A Quiet Lion

Everyone always thinks about the iPod when it comes to MP3 players, however despite what you may be led to think by certain companies there are different brands of MP3 players, one of these companies is the line of Cowon MP3 players. You may not have heard about Cowon MP3-players in the past but this article will show you that there is a whole new world of MP3 players.

Cowon is a name that people have associated with audio and video for several years now. Cowon players offer a line of models that range from the basic needs model to the model that will do everything short of the dishes. Take for example the IAudio A3 series this model offers the user the basics that they are looking for in an MP3. It features multi-color screen that allows the user to view video files for the first time on Cowon MP3 players. The size is more than perfect for the average user to be able to easily use without feeling clumsy. While the loading does take a little bit longer than most models it is more than worth the wait.

The next model in the Cowon players lineup is the IAudio 7 Which many people have described as a dream to own and even more of one to use. This model does it all Music, video and pictures and that is just the beginning. Unlike some models out on the market the IAudio offers the ability to connect to a Mac or PC In addition as is with the other models in the Cowon MP3 players lineup the IAudio offers a remarkable battery life that is unmatched.

Another heavyweight in the Cowon MP3-players lineup is the Cowon S9. This MP3 player is the first and so far only one to give the Ipod Touch a true fight for it’s money. The S9 comes in two hard drive sizes and is set apart from the rest by the awesome audio quality that it delivers to the user. Clearly the line of Cowon MP3-players are in a class all by themselves and when it comes to competition from the Ipod there is no contest at all. So if you are in the market for a new MP3 may I suggest that you give a strong look to Cowon MP3 players as they are twice as good as the completion with half of the cost as the more name worthy models charge for a lesser quality product.

The Ubiquitous MP3 Player

Twenty years ago when we wanted music on the go, we would use a walkman, with headphones, and possibly a radio tuner. These were great because we could listen to our favorite cassette tapes or custom made cassettes recorded by us. If we didn’t have a tape on hand we could always fall back on the radio. Talk radio has been the staple for many workers trying to pass the time.

Things have recently changed and now most people use mp3 players for their music on the go. They also don’t have to wade through mediocre talk radio programs stuffed with commercials. With the advent of podcasts, everyone can have laser focused commercial free entertainment at the touch of a button.

The great thing about the mp3 revolution is the availability of portable media. You can load your player up with your favorite songs, podcasts, and audio books and take them with you wherever you like. If you have a job that is boring you can have hours of entertainment with you at all times. You can even feel like you are getting the most out of your time by learning something new while you fulfill your mundane work obligations.

In fact, iPods are great for learning on the go. If you have a long commute you can load up on foreign language recordings. If you are a student many teachers will put their lectures in mp3 format. You can also find audio textbook versions and other learning related audio for the subject you are studying.

This portability is great for the gym or going for a run. The new flash drive players can be shaken and bounced around and they won’t skip a beat. They are also small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear or slip into a pocket. Some fast paced music or motivational talks can really keep you pumping on the treadmill or elliptical.

If you suffer from depression or just need a break having an mp3 device and going for a walk can make a huge difference in how you feel. You body will not only get much needed exercise, but your spirits will be lifted as well. These are also great to have on hand when skiing or hiking or any other long term activity.

You can also have privacy since most come with headphones. Whether you are in a waiting room, a crowded bus, or lounging by the pool, what you listen to and enjoy is between you and you only. Most new vehicle audio systems will have an mp3 player jack. If they don’t, you can always use an fm transmitter to listen to your audio through the car stereo.

Newer players even offer more functionality, with camera, video, radio and HD capability. You can even watch a movie on many of the new HD players, if you don’t mind the small screen. You can also play games and have a calendar and PDA functionality on some players. It is even possible to use your new Nano as a pedometer for walking or jogging. The new mp3 player definitely has something for everyone.

Downloading MP3’s Made Easy

The MP3 movement started out with a huge audience of music enthusiasts on the internet. The MP3 digital music format has had, and will continue to have, a huge impart on how people, gather, listen to and share music.

The MP3 format is a compression system for digital music that helps reduce the size of a digitized song without disturbing the sound quality. Digital music is converted to MP3 format and made available for use, usually via the web. MP3 files can be downloaded onto your computer from the internet and special software, either commercial or freeware. Using your computer and software you can convert digital music from a CD into MP3 format.

MP3 files can be played in three different ways:

1. They can be played directly onto your computer.

2. They can be decompressed and recorded onto a CD.

3. These files can be played on a portable MP3 player.

The advantage of MP3 players is that they are small, lightweight and rugged. They are a great way to carry your MP3 files with you!

With a portable MP3 player, a personal computer, and the appropriate software, you can do the following:

1. Obtain free or low-cost music from the web.

2. Create your own mix of music by downloading MP3 files from the web and converting the tracks from CDs.

3. Listen to near-CD quality music wherever you go.

4. Listen to more music (up to 10 hours’ worth).

If you want to convert your songs from your CDs into MP3 files, you can use ripper and encoder software. A ripper copies a song’s file from the CD onto your hard disk. The encoder compresses the song into the MP3 format. By encoding songs, you can play them on your computer or take them with you on your MP3 player. The ripper and encoder software may come with your MP3 player.

The specific instructions will vary with the individual software programs, but the following steps will definitely take place:

1. Place the CD from which you want to convert songs into your drive.

2. Select the track(s) that you want to convert to MP3 format.

3. Convert the selected track(s).

4. Copy the new MP3 files on to your computer’s hard disk.

Now you are ready to download these MP3 files into your portable MP3 player.

Once you have MP3 files on your computer, you can use the software that came with your MP3 player to download the files into your MP3 player. Again, the specific instructions will vary depending upon your software program and player, but you will:

1. Create a playlist from your MP3 files.

2. Plug the player into your computer’s parallel of USB port.

3. Transfer the MP3 files according to the instructions.

Once you have downloaded the MP3 files into your portable MP3 player, you are ready to take your music anywhere. Most MP3 players are small, lightweight, and solid-state. Because most players are solid-state, there are no moving parts to break down or skip, so the sound quality is uninterrupted regardless of your physical activity. MP3 players are equipped with various types of headphones or earpieces.

Portable MP3 players can play music longer than a portable CD player. The length of play for a CD player is about 74 minutes, the length of one CD. However, the length of play for an MP3 player depends upon its memory capacity, which can be upgraded on some models. A standard MP3 player can play for about half an hour (32 MB) to a few weeks (40 GB)! Some models can be upgraded with additional memory devices.

Shopping For MP3 Player Earphones – 3 Things to Look Keenly At

There are many situations that could see you out shopping for MP3 player earphones. If you have, for instance, found out that you have displaced the original earphones that your MP3 player came with, and try as you would you cannot locate them – then chances are that you will just have to go shopping for new MP3 player earphones. In a similar manner, if you have purchased a new MP3 model that does not come with its own earphones (as not all MP3 players are sold with earphones), you will have to go shopping, this time purposely for the MP3 player earphones.

Another situation, yet, that could see you out shopping for MP3 player earphones, is if you have just purchased a second hand MP3 player and want to purchase your own earphones for it, rather that use those that had been used by the previous owner; since in quite a number of people’s opinion, earphones are in the category of items referred to as ‘personal effects’ that are not to be shared.

So what are some of the things you will have to check when shopping for earphones to use with MP3 players?

The first thing you cannot ignore when shopping for earphones is the sound quality that the earphones give. There have been cases of people blaming their MP3 players for what was clearly a defective sound production mechanism, whereas in fact the problem they were experiencing was actually with their earphones. If you are purchasing your earphones from a brick and mortar electronics store then, you are best advised to try them out – and listen carefully to the sound they give out, rather than what the salesperson tries to tell you about them. If you are shopping for the earphones online, though, there might not be an opportunity for you to try them out, and the best way to go around this might be opt for a model with a friendly return policy in case the earphones’ sound quality turns out to be crappy. Earphones sold online with ‘high sound quality’ explicitly mentioned as one of their strong features are likely to be better than earphones whose vendors are quiet about this particular issue.

The ‘mode of wearing’ is something you will have to think about seriously when shopping for earphones to use on your MP3 players. If you are looking for earphones to use at home or at the workplace, those that are worn over the head are probably the best choice for you, whereas if you are looking for earphones to use when traveling, those that are worn inside the ear (earbuds) are probably your best choice.

Talking of mode of wearing, comfort of the earphones (when worn) is another factor you cannot afford to turn a blind eye – or ear in this case – to, because these are things you would have to wear for hours upon hours cumulatively, and if you go for an uncomfortable model, then you have only yourself to blame.

You will probably also not want to ignore price considerations during these hard economic times; and while the cheapest earphones for MP3 players are not always the best, you should ensure that you get extra value for every extra dollar you have to pay; and not pay more for earphones just on account of their popular brand names.

MP3 Players – Boon to the Music Freaks

Gone are the days of tapes or CDs. The new world rocks on the tunes of digital music which finds its best form in all new MP3 players. These are affordable as well as stylish way of listening to the music which has gained high public recognition throughout the world. The MP3 players which plays all kinds of music be it rock, jazz, classical or any other, is constantly becoming an apple of the eyes of all music enthusiasts. This has given way to the desires of those freaks as well who can not live without music even when they are on the move.

The MP3 players are very small portable device which are smaller than the mobile phones and which can store large amount of data in it in the form of audio files. These files can be accessed at the will of the user. These MP3 players come at varying memory sizes. The user can choose according to his requirements of the songs that he frequently listens to. There are MP3 players of memories ranging from 1 GB to as huge as 20 GB. The USB coming with these hi-tech gadgets help the user to get his device connected with his computer any time he wants. The screen of these mp3 players displays the name of the song playing, the artist, time duration etc. The length of the screen ranges from 1 to 2.5 inches. These supports all the prominent audio as well as video formats like MP3, ATRAC3 and ARTAC3. There are other players as well available in the market which support numerous other formats like AVI, WMA, WMV, ADPCM etc. These are generally very light weight devices. These work on normal Lithium ion batteries which support a marked time of music listening.

Besides, there are some added features that add to the comfort the user experiences while listening to the music. These features include repeat, shuffle, play list, random play, all track and one track play. The digital photo play back allows the user to view images that he has stored on his player. There are band equalisers as well which let the user fine tune the sound. Some players are besotted with features like alarm clock and calendars which further add to the convenience of the user. MP3 players have proved to be a bliss for all the music freaks and enable them to let the music flow in their veins whenever they want.

MP3 Players – Do You Know The 3 Types

You may have probably heard of mp3 players, but are not sure how they work. MP3 players are used to download music from the internet. They are smaller than a personal CD player and you need a computer to download songs.

Shopping for a new MP3 Player can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. It is to your benefit to do a little comparison online before you go to a store. Things like price, storage capacity, and size all come in to play. You also want to make sure it is going to work with the computer you have..

Another term for mp3 player is digital audio player. A DAP can actually perform more tasks than simply playing mp3 files. It can arrange and store digital audio files as well as play them.

Another universal audio format DAP’s can play are WMA files. These are a a compressed audio file format developed by Microsoft. WMA is a popular format that is supported by many devices.

Mp3 players are very portable and range in size. Some are so small they can fit on a key chain while others can be held in two hands (typically, these devices play video as well).

In addition to mp3 player, you may have also heard of the terms flash players or flash mp3 players. This is simply a type of digital audio player.

Here are 3 different types of digital audio players:

-Mp3 CD Players

– Flash mp3 players

– Hard-drive mp3 players

Mp3 CD players can play both CDs and digital audio. Some users prefer to create their own CD from a collection of audio files they’ve downloaded or grabbed from another CD.

Flash mp3 players are better than their hard-drive counterparts because they contain no moving parts and are great for use with exercise and outdoor acitivies like bike riding. Flash memory is a type of electronic memory media card that retains stored information even when not powered

One downside is they are limited in storage space compared to a hard-drive players which has a max of 8 GB.

Hard-drive players are great for those that would like to store their entire music library on their mp3 player. As this technology matures these devices include more video and image support. You can watch full feature-length movies and TV shows on some devices.

Hard-drive mp3 players range in size from fitting in the palm of your hand to needing both hands. They have larger capacity whichallows for storage of entire music collections on a single mp3 player. A downside is they contain moving parts so are not as good for outdoor activity.

Flash and hard disk mp3 players are becoming the more popular choice today. The best type for you will be determined by knowing how you will use it and what you want it for.

Overcome Your Fear of Heights With New Mp3 Recordings From Master Hypnotherapist Steve G Jones

Your body has built-in defense mechanisms to keep you safe from harm. A fear of heights is a natural response to potential danger. Sometimes however, our minds take this protection measure to an extreme, and the result is a phobia. In this case the phobia is called Acrophobia. If you ever panic at just the idea of having to go to a high height, then you know how real it seems, and how one can suffer from this condition. It is very traumatic to say the least!

But it doesn’t have to be like this. You can solve this problem for good through self-hypnosis. This fear is just like any other fear, it’s a state of being caused by the mind, and to address it, you have to reprogram the mind. There are some extreme therapies out there that have to getting out on ledges or the roofs of buildings, but that is a harsh way to deal with what is really a simple problem.

Because self-hypnosis first gets you extremely relaxed in a calm state of being, your mind becomes extremely receptive to new input, new data, new messages that counter the phobia. Self-hypnosis is really just a way to reprogram your brain so that you feel normal caution at real heights, not out of control terror at just the idea of heights. Without getting technical, what these MP3 sessions do is take you on an inner visual journey to a pristine, tropical island. In this scenario, you are feeling safe and secure, and in total control, relaxed, and at peace. The powerful hypnotic suggestions will be deeply imbedded in your subconscious mind, so when in the future you’re faced with similar situations, instead of panicking, your brain will instead revert back to this relaxed, calm, and in control feeling.

No one is more qualified to offer self-hypnosis recordings than Steve G. Jones. He is a master hypnotherapist who has studied human behavior for most of his life, with a masters degree in Education, and he is well on his way to a PhD in Education

He is the author of over 22 books on behavior modification through hypnotherapy, and has published over 1000 hypnotherapy related products! Here’s a few of his other numerous credentials:

Director of the Steve G. Jones School of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
A member of the International Registry of Professional Hypnotists
A member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and American Board of Hypnotherapy
President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists
Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Lung Association

He brings this experience to you on a new program called Power Your Mind to Overcome Fear of Heights. It is simply the best program on the market to help you overcome this fear permanently.